Study financial literacy, punch the "financial ceiling and solve the main money problems for 3 months!

Millionaires' Club Closed meetings of businessmen, executives and people who want to develop, increase revenues, create their financial plan and invest wisely.
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  • 12 meetings, once a week
  • 3 month of study
The course was developed by the consultant of the Ministry of Education on the topic "Personal Finance" Maxim Temchenko, an investor and trainer with more than 4,000 hours of training experience, whose students earned 870 million rubles on his ideas.

Teaching financial literacy for
more than 8 years

Thousands of participants from 54 cities of the world share their experiences, study,
increase their incomes and have fun :)

Millionaires Club is a community of financially
literate people and those who want to become them

Experts of the Club made a discovery based on the work with thousands of clients

There are two reasons why you have financial problems debts, financial limits, career stagnation, lack of motivation
You try different methods, techniques and instruments for making money, but the result does not considerably change – you come up against a brick wall but you still hope to achieve another result.
You use only your “brain” meditating on money, reading affirmations and waiting till “money comes to you”.

How to solve these problems?

both problems can be solved by acquiring financial literacy:
In the Club we will work on your habits, beliefs and goals. We will motivate you to make money and generate new ideas.
We will show you strategies for paying off your loans and moving up the career ladder, as well as formula of wealth and several dozens of instruments, which would repeatedly pay for themselves already during your participation.
The foundation of our work consists in creation of your personal financial plan. Drawing on it, you will develop dozens of new habits within the three-months training, which would be with you forever.
The Millionaires Club is for experienced and would-be entrepreneurs, executive managers, accountants and those who want to manage their family budget
purpose of the Club
Every participant draws up their personal financial plan, increases their income, optimizes their costs, learns to invest and develops their personality.

In the Millionaires Club you would raise your capital regardless of your current figures

Basic training program
VIP training program
Results from the basic training program Support of our speakers and people around you is the main reason for positive results in the Club. By immersing yourself in the environment of successful people you would achieve your goals two to three times faster.
  • Set yourself goals for 1,3,5 or more years to come
  • Draw up your personal financial plan for 10 years
  • Increase your income in your business/job and create additional sources of income
  • Learn how to invest without making investments and taking risks
  • Cover liabilities and start creating assets
  • Learn how to manage your family and business budget and save up for any financial goals
Results from the VIP training program In addition to the results of the basic training program
  • Create your investment strategy for decades to come
  • Reduce the amount of working hours in your business or job and increase your income
  • Start finally enjoying every day and stop slaving away for money
  • You will set priorities in your tasks, make a considerable time for your family, hobbies and rest
  • You will be able to expand your business faster and more efficiently
  • As a VIP participant you will learn the best tricks for more profitable investments

Certified trainer of  Millionaires’ Club in English

  • Businessman
  • Investor
  • Active learner of financial management from Robert Kiyosaki, Bodo Schaefer and Bryan Tracy
  • MBA in Finances


Program of the Millionaires Club – from questions to goals, from goals to victories!

12 modules. Every module consists of a theoretical lesson and a piece of homework

Module 0. Preparation (Free)

"Zero" lesson is sent immediately after the registration

  • Determination of individual «financial brakes»
  • Determination of individual «financial motivations»
  • Calculation of your three most important levels of financial goals
  • Working out the vision of your financial future for 3 years ahead

Module 1. Start

We get acquainted, communicate, "accelerate" and determine the motivation of your progress forward

  • How to instill an automatic financial discipline.
  • Technology for the development of financial habits.
  • 4 barrier on the way to your big money, their causes, and how to remove them
  • How to get more than 100% of the results from the course.

Module 2. Goals

We find the true goals, filter unnecessary and learn how to plan

  • Primary audit of life priorities
  • Definition of internal strategy of financial behavior
  • The magic of long-term planning: goals and vision for 50 years ahead
  • How to make a goal self-fulfilling
  • Prioritizing your life and financial goals

Module 3. Beliefs

Expanding of internal borders and removing barriers

  • Psychological methods of expanding internal monetary boundaries
  • Preparation of the «Rich Brain» for working with large-scale financial goals
  • Where to start accumulating your own capital?
  • Excersise «Double X’s» and how to apply it for rapid financial growth
  • Why does your business «eats up» all the money, and how to stop it?

Module 4. Transformation

Working with money beliefs, habits and boundaries. You will reach a new level of money thinking

  • 4 + 4 ways to form a new belief, moving you to the money
  • How to filter incoming information from harmful data
  • Fatal mistakes in the implementation of new beliefs
  • The two main internal «Money Zones» and how to expand them

Module 5. Motivation

Determining your motivation, working out the goals and finding the point at which you will find an unlimited source of energy for any purpose

  • Identification of priorities for goals and settings
  • Increase the level of motivation to achieve their goals
  • How do you really relate to your money, and where do you have the main gaps?
  • What is your life’s efficiency (test) and how to raise it?

Module 6. Incomes

You will learn to see and earn big money where others will not find a penny

  • How to achieve huge financial goals?
  • How to increase the return on investment?
  • A universal strategy to increase revenue in any field
  • Financial Mathematics: an example of calculating liabilities.

Module 7. Expenses

You will learn how poor and rich people save, you will get step-by-step checklists and working system how to economize without denying yourself anything

  • What determines the personal expenses and how to manage them?
  • «Local» and «Global» approaches to cost management
  • Why do not you want to save and what to do about it?
  • Investment Mathematics: Calculating Investment Attractiveness

Module 8. Financial Mathematics

We learn to calculate the investment attractiveness of projects and get a scheme for creating passive income without capital

  • How to calculate the investment attractiveness of the project?
  • How to create a passive income on investments without capital?
  • How to become an investor in real estate without money?
  • How to make financial decisions in conditions of uncertainty?

Module 9. Financial Planning

We study the rules, using which there will always be enough money with any income, we plan revenues and expenses, we learn the basic mistakes

  • How to make sure that money is always enough for everything with any income?
  • Income and Expense Management
  • Step-by-step instruction for those who have zero income.
  • Creating a Personal Financial Plan

Module 10. Financial Simulator

We play the game "Cash Flow". We develop in practice the skills of financial management and receive feedback from the trainer. During the game you will learn about unconscious financial strategies

  • Tournament on the game «Cash Flow» on «your own cards» under the special rules.
  • Feedback to each participant based on the played game.
  • Identifying unconscious financial strategies and their consequences.

Module 11. Presentation

Checking your personal financial plan. Getting feedback from the trainer. Presentation of the business project.

  • Checking the Personal Financial Plans of each of the participants
  • Presentation of business projects without starting capital
  • How to scale your startup?
  • Competition for the best business project with a prize

Module 12. Graduation

Graduation, certification, business dinner, getting the latest important knowledge on financial literacy, presenting gifts and photo session

  • Networking 2 levels — acquaintance with the participants taking into account mutual values
  • Homework for personal implementation of strategies with instructions and templates

Format of the course

12 live meetings (once a week from 19.00 till 21.00 local time).
Theory, practical advice from millionaires and homework.
Feedback during all three months of the training
Every meeting deals with one of the topics (personal finances, management etc.) and with giving homework. You will get a notebook with new weekly materials and a disk with audiobooks for self-study.
The course lasts for 3 months. During this time you will develop a thinking of a millionaire, which will show concrete financial results already during the training.

School network of the Millionaires Club is developed
in 1 cities in 3 countries of the world

24.5% of the students double their incomes within 6 months from the beginning of the training!

100% of positive feedback

More than 1000 people have passed the course

97% of the students cover the cost of the course while attending it

25% double their incomes within 3 months

13% set up their own business

86% start investing

How to sign up for the Club?

One-off membership fee for three months of the training

Basic knowledge for successful implementation

Course "Millionaires' Club" 12 meetings

1 free personal consultation

109 000 rub
Sign up
For those who want to achieve better results

Course "Millionaires' Club" 12 meetings

Unlimited number of personal consultations

Unlimited attendance of future courses of the Club for 2 years (except for the Club of Young Millionaires)

209 000 rub
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If my techniques don’t help you, I’ll give you 110% of the money you spent back!

If you do all pieces of your homework and don’t achieve financial results, I’ll give you every penny back, plus I’ll add 10% of the amount to it.

I am sure of my product, and you risk nothing, OK?

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